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Onlinekurs UX for Mobile Devices (english)

Responsive design, multi-device design, designing for touch, and designing a coherent user experience

UX for mobile devices

UX for Mobile Devices is an online course in English with a focus on user experiences when interacting with websites and apps on mobile devices.

You will learn about responsive design, multi-device design, designing for touch, and designing a coherent user experience. You will understand and be able to apply design systems and style guides. You will understand the interrelationship of user experience and product performance. You will be able to create improved user experiences through the use of native device technology. You will understand the differences and implications of native versus hybrid mobile applications.

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Key facts


1 month

Start date


Free course duration extension

3 months

Study type

Online course


PFH AKADEMIE Certificate

Course fee

99,- €

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Task assignments



Look forward to ...

  • A fun, interactive, engaging, and practical learning experience where and when YOU want.

  • Graduating the course with immediately applicable and useable knowledge and skills.

Course information

Course ID 0712

Regular duration
The regular course duration is 1 month, based on ca. 25 hours study time per week.


Starting date
Any time

After successfully submitting the task assignments we will issue the PFH AKADEMIE certificate.
You cannot acquire any ECTS credits for this course. 

Course fees
The fee for the course is 99,- €. This includes the online learning materials, support and guidance from experienced tutors during the course, course activities and assignments on which you receive feedback from the tutors, weekly online sessions with the tutors for questions and feedback on task assignments, LinkedIn Learning license, completion and your final certificate. 

If you want to extend the knowledge from a short course such as Interaction Design Fundamentals or UX for Mobile Devices, we will fully credit your achievements and fee of the short course when you book the higher-level course UX Design.

Course duration extensions
For the Digital Solutions courses you can receive a free extension of 3 months to give you more flexibility to manage unexpected delays. This free extension activates automatically, assuming you have not successfully finished or quit the course in the regular duration. Beyond this free extension you can twice book an additional 3-month extension at a fee of 49 € each. These extra extensions do not start automatically.

The course is structured to ensure that you do not only gain knowledge. Knowledge is only the foundation on which you will build your professional level skill set as well as your general competence in the field. This way you will be ready to take on practical tasks right after completing the course.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Reactive design
  • Multi-device design
  • Design for touch
  • Creation of a cohesive user experience across devices
  • Application of design specifications and style guides
  • Creation of design systems
  • Improving user experience by leveraging native device technology
  • Differences of native and hybrid mobile applications
  • Mobile interfaces
  • Materials design implications
  • macOS Human Interface Guidelines

The course focuses on developing practical skills within key aspects of UX design for mobile devices. The main goal is to master these skills in order to create responsive designs for different devices. In doing so, you will create a cohesive user experience.

The course offers a balance between theoretical and practical aspects to prepare you for your real-world tasks after the course.

If you decide to build on the content learned in the course, you can upgrade to the full UX Design course.  this, you will receive full credit for the work you have already completed.

Ready for a new job, new responsibilities, or working as a freelancer

The training is designed for individuals who want to gain experience in a specific area of UX design, focusing on user experiences on mobile devices.

The course is open to participants with no prior experience, as well as those who have worked in other related fields or have a relevant professional background.

Once you have registered for the course you will receive your personalized access to our online learning platform where you will find all the course materials, access to chat and forums, and more. You will also receive via email and via the online platform an introduction package with all the details about using the platform, access to further research materials, contact information for your tutors and much more.

The course is an online self-study program with curated content and task assignments for virtually all course modules for which you will get feedback from your tutors. The tutors are available via chat as well as course forums and via weekly virtual meetings where you can ask question, receive feedback and more.

There are no examinations only task assignments that are the basis for successful graduation.

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