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Onlinekurs Video Marketing in Social Media (english)

Become a Certified Video Marketing Expert and gain practical skills in Marketing, Online Video Production, Social Media Video, Video Advertising, and Performance Analytics

Become a Certified Video Marketing Expert in 6 months

In this course you will gain practical skills in Marketing, Online Video Production, Social Media Video, Video Advertising, and Performance Analytics

Video is a vital part of influencer marketing and is now an indispensable element of any marketing strategy. Work with digital marketing strategies and apply video production and storytelling techniques for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media.

Digital marketers with the ability to influence audiences are in high demand. This six-month course offers expertise in Video Marketing in Social media. Graduates will be able to work with digital marketing strategies aimed specifically at video productions for social media and YouTube. By the end of the program, you will be able to develop and maintain a successful YouTube® channel.

Students learn to apply relevant technology within the field and develop skills in designing video campaigns towards different digital media platforms. You will develop digital marketing competencies and learn the skills to plan, shoot and edit low-cost video productions for YouTube® as well as other channels.

This course is entirely in English, albeit with tutors that speak English and German.

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Key facts


6 months

Start date


Free course duration extension

9 months

Study type

Online course


PFH AKADEMIE Certificate

Course fee

1.794,- €

Course language



Practical mid-term and final exam project work



Look forward to these topics ...

  • Marketing Strategy and Communication

  • Online Video Production

  • Video Marketing Methodology

  • Project assignments

  • Industry Practice

  • Social Media Video

  • Video Advertising

  • Performance Analytics

  • Portfolio Creation

Course information

Course ID 0702

Regular duration
The regular course duration is 6 months, based on ca. 25 hours study time per week.


Starting date
Any time

After successfully passing the exam(s) we will issue the PFH AKADEMIE certificate.
At this time we cannot yet award ECTS credit points for this course due to its very practical focus.  

Course fees
The fee for the course is 1.794 €. This includes the online learning materials, support and guidance from experienced tutors during the course, course activities and assignments on which you receive feedback from the tutors, weekly online sessions with the tutors for questions and feedback on course assignments, LinkedIn Learning license, completion and grading of two major project assignments and your final graded certificate. The course fee can also be paid in 6 monthly installments over the regular course duration

Course duration extensions
For the Digital Solutions courses you can receive a free extension of 9 months. 6 months of this extension are based on a reduced weekly study time and an additional 3 months to give you more flexibility to manage unexpected delays. This free extension activates automatically, assuming you have not successfully finished or quit the course in the regular duration. Beyond this free extension you can twice book an additional 3-month extension at a fee of 49 € each. These extra extensions do not start automatically.

The course is structured to ensure that you do not only gain knowledge. Knowledge is only the foundation on which you will build your professional level skill set as well as your general competence in the field. This way you will be ready to take on

Knowledge: Understanding of theories, facts, principles, and processes in the field of Video Marketing in Social Media.

Skills: Ability to use this knowledge and practical skills to solve problems or tasks and create working solutions.

General competence: Be able to independently apply the acquired knowledge and skills in various situations as well as manage projects or start a new business.

The curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Marketing Strategy and Communication
  • Online Video Production
  • Video Marketing Methodology
  • Midterm project
  • Industry practice project
  • Social Media Video
  • Video Advertising
  • Performance Analytics
  • Final exam project assignment
  • Portfolio creation

In all content modules the students learn the current understanding, principles, models, methods, and tools to execute the relevant tasks in Video Marketing in Social Media in practical situations.

The course focuses on developing practical skills within the most important aspects of video marketing in social media, and the main goal is mastering these practical skills. The course contains practical assignments for every sub-module, where you will be working with industry-specific tasks. The teaching staff will introduce daily learning activities and larger mandatory assignments.

The battle for attention is increasing, and storytelling skills is vital. Companies today understand that effective marketing happens in social media platforms and on YouTube®. A combination of skills in video production, knowledge in digital marketing and ability to measure performance with the use of analytics tools, are the competencies needed for these purposes. This course provides this expertise and graduates will be able to work in companies in a variety of industries.

Ready for the job or the promotion

Job titles that are widely used are digital video marketer, digital marketer, influencer, digital marketing manager, market coordinator, market consultant, market strategist and digital advisor. In larger companies, you can work as a video specialist in the marketing, information, or communications department. In smaller companies with a strong focus on video in their marketing strategy, you can work as a marketing manager or head of marketing.

The course may also be suitable for those who wish to start their own business. With a basic expertise in video marketing and solid experience with cost-effective marketing efforts, you will be able to market yourself and your business, perhaps with your own YouTube® channel.

Once you have registered for the course you will receive your personalized access to our online learning platform where you will find all the course materials, access to chat and forums, and more. You will also receive via email and via the online platform an introduction package with all the details about using the platform, access to further research materials, contact information for your tutors and much more.

The course is an online self-study program with curated content, self-check multiple choice quizzes, and task assignments for virtually all course modules for which you will get feedback from your tutors. The tutors are available via chat as well as course forums and via weekly virtual meetings where you can ask question, receive feedback and more.

The examinations that are the basis for successful graduation consist of a midterm project as well as a final exam project. Both exams are based on 60 hours and have flexible submission times. Here you can showcase your learning and apply them for actual solutions. The midterm exam counts for 40% of the overall course grade and the final exam counts for 60%.

Throughout the course you will be working on your UX Design portfolio by turning your course activities and smaller as well as larger projects into a professional portfolio that you will be proud to showcase to future employers.

Once you have passed your exam(s) we will proudly issue your certificate.

Curriculum Video Marketing in Social Media


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